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Testosterone & Phentermine in North Carolina only.

B Hutton,FL

“She listened intently and addressed all my concerns. I had an amazing experience each time!"

Verified Patient.

Z Paul, IL

" Very personable, professional, and very knowledgeable. She helped guide me in the right direction and truly listened to all of my concerns. I would highly recommend her."

Verified Patient.

D Brighton, UT

“I came to PA Stillwell-Barker very frustrated that no providers listened to me, ever, but consistently told me to alter what I was doing to something I had already communicated to them I was doing. I.e., ‘eat healthier and be more active’ when I already communicated I walk 10+ miles a day and eat primarily salads. PA Stillwell ACTUALLY listened to me. She was kind, polite, and didn’t make me feel embarrassed about my weight. Knowledgeable, educated, terrific bedside manner. 10/10. I will see her again, I would absolutely recommended her to my family and friends, and emphatically recommend her to anyone else.”


Verified Patient.

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